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He made Half a Million within a year | ALEX TOH

Success can be for anyone – if you find the right method and work hard to earn it. I invited a student of mine, Alex Toh, Senior Marketing Director at ERA to recount his story of how switching from being a sales engineer in the oil and gas industry to the real estate industry was one of the best choices he made for his goal towards financial freedom.

In just 2 years, Alex went from earning approximately $5k a month to clocking in more than $250k in sales, earning him the position of senior marketing director after only 2 years. Being fairly new in the industry, he is also number 2 in his division of more than a hundred people.

In this podcast, we discuss how my class, Real Estate Internet Marketing Mastery has influenced his business methods, the importance of internet marketing in the current market and Alex’s future plans after real estate.


David: Dengue.

Alex: Let’s do it, baby.

David: Let’s do it, baby.

(both laugh)

David: Welcome to this podcast. Today, I have a very special guest. His name is Dengue, Alex Toh. He’s from ERA. Are you Senior Marketing Director at ERA?

Alex: Yes.

David: Senior Marketing Director at ERA. Very fast. Apparently, Dengue- Alex, has been

around for only two years.

Alex: Yes.

David: Two years as a property agent.

Alex: Correct.

David: Those two years have been very fruitful for you.

Alex: Very fruitful. Life-changing.

David: Life changing. Okay, cool. Basically, I think I know a lot about you, and today the main thing I wanna share with everybody who is watching this right now, and that is- It could be a property agent, it could be somebody who’s looking to buy a property, about this thing called career prospects as a property agent.

I think many people do not know, but maybe after this podcast they’ll know that this property real estate agent career could be quite rewarding. But, it is also not for everybody. Maybe you could talk about when you actually join the real estate industry and in these two years, what happened to you? Why is it that you are so successful?

Alex: Wow, okay. So I joined property full time in 2018, 4th of April. I still remember the date, 4th of April.

David: 4th of April.

Alex: I went for David’s course, RIMM (Real Estate Internet Marketing Mastery) 4.

David: When you joined the course, that was…in May?

Alex: Correct, May.

David: So, what made you

want to join the course?

Alex: Well, that’s a long story. I came to know this David Chon in maybe I think-

David: David Chon?

Alex: Chon, Chon, Chon.

David: David Chon.

Alex: Hr was sharing on shadow marketing at ERA. It was for everybody, for those agents to sit in. At that time I was still not full time yet. I went for his course. He shared about doing internet marketing – how much he made, such as he was earning $80K at the time. He was in the top 10 or top 20- top 10.

David: In one month?

Alex: In one month.

David: Yeah.

Alex: After that, when he came back he saw there’s a change in- a difference in the money that

the agents were earning.

David: Yeah.

Alex: He said that he- I was quite inspired by him because he said- I think at the time he was only 20- How old were you? 20-

David: Uh.

Alex: 2018?

David: Must I reveal?


Alex: Very young, before 30. He said he reached financial freedom and then travelled around the world.

David: No, I never reached financial freedom.

Alex: You said financial freedom, I remember you saying-

David: Really? Yeah.

Alex: You said you were travelling, and one day you were in Japan you looked out of a window and saw snowflakes

David: Oh, yeah. Then I felt very useless, right?

Alex: You said you wanted to come back to help property agents achieve what you have

been doing last time. So I heard-

David: I wanted to be a champion in something. I wanted to be a champion coach. That was what I wanted.

Alex: Correct.

David: I think at the end of the day, I am not sure whether I have accomplished that or not. Do you think so? I don’t know.

Alex: Yes.

David: I have a lot of students who have joined our course and I was able to see some transformation- you yourself included. What made you want to join the course at that point in time?

Alex: When I was a new agent, I didn’t know what to do. Traditional marketing, door knocking, all these- I thought I wanted to do something different. By chance I came across your shadow marketing sharing session.

David: Yes.

Alex: In the end, I never took any action because I thought that it was not for me as I was a new agent. I thought it was only for all those division directors or people who were achieving a lot. This was because you said, “This course is not for everybody.”

David: Correct

Alex: You needed to do an interview and filtering- Not everybody can join this course. I took it as, “Oh yeah, I’m a new agent, maybe it’s not my league.” You were somewhere very far away, somebody I could not touch, I could not reach.

So, I didn’t do anything about it until one night, I was scrolling through Facebook. Suddenly, I saw you on my Facebook. I think it was a sponsored post, and I clicked on the app. I read from the first word until the last word. It was about- I think you already did around 3 RIMM courses.

You said that it would be your last course at that point of time. So, I read to the last word. I was still hesitating on whether I should sign up or not sign up. It was around 1am already and I was exhausted. I read everything, it was quite a long essay.

David: Seriously? Okay.

Alex: Yeah. So I was reading it and said, “Eff it, just sign up.”


Alex: There was one part when you asked “do you know anybody in the course?”. So I said, “Wow, I have no network. I don’t know anybody.” I thought my chances of getting into the course was zero. So I said, “Never mind, I’m a new agent with nothing to do. I’ll just try it out” and signed up.

David: Yeah.

Alex: Then I signed up. That’s how it started.

David: Okay. So yours was Batch 4, right?

Alex: Batch 4.

David: Okay. After you came for the course, did your life change?

Alex: Yes, I mean- I’ll say before the course when you did an interview, I thought in my mind, “how much should I pay for the course?”

David: Yeah. (laughing)

Alex: Because first of all, I’m not from a well-to-do family. I had been working for several years before becoming a property agent so I had some savings. Sadly to say, I only had $30K to $40K in my bank account, seriously.

David: I didn’t know that.

Alex: So when you told me your course fees I literally fell from my chair. At that time we did not have Zoom. It was WhatsApp or FaceTime or whatever. So I thought [gasp]. I think you saw that I was quite shocked and you said, “Nevermind, you go think about it.” So I went to think about it.

David: I thought you said you’re- Basically I will ask 4 questions in every interview. The second question is, “Do you have enough capital or not?” Right? Dennis, remember? I always asked that question, right?

Dennis: Yeah

David: And you said you had enough capital. Ok, $30K technically speaking is

enough, it’s really enough. It has proven to be enough.

For viewers who don’t know this, How (Alex) got his nickname, Dengue is because one of the days of class, he did not turn up, and it turned out that he had dengue. So, during those times

there was no COVID-19 virus and you were the only one who was in class wearing a mask because you wanted to prevent it- we wanted to prevent you from passing the dengue over to other people.

And we were quite brave, to be frank, at that point in time, knowing that you had dengue.

Alex: Nobody knew I had dengue- Even I myself didn’t know that I had dengue until I was-

David: Really? When did you know that you had dengue?

Alex: When I checked into a hospital, they said it was dengue. I have had a fever since day 1. If you all had realised when you went for lunch or dinner, I’ve never joined along because I was too weak. Once I eat something, I would have diarrhea right away. I didn’t know what caused it because I had never had dengue before and my area was not a hotspot.

David: Oh, you meant only the day when you’re missing, you knew about the dengue?

Alex: Correct.

David: Oh my God!

Alex: I’ve been seeing my family doctor since day 1. The class was on alternate days, Monday, Wednesday, Friday. On Monday I went there and slept the whole day because I was very tired- I would lie on the table. People would go for lunch, and I’ll just sleep with a sleeping bag. On the second day, I went to see the doctor.

Dennis: He was the first one to use the sleeping bag.

David: Oh, really?

Alex: I was the first one.

David: I thought it was Dan. Dan was the- I know for his batch, he was the first. Last time in our class we had a lot of sleeping bags, but it’s not for you. If you’re sick you go home.

Alex: I thought it was a sick bay.

David: Damn. Okay. I mean, I didn’t know that.

Alex: I went to see the family doctor. They took some time but they couldn’t find anything so they took my blood test.

David: Yeah

Alex: It was on a Friday- I think Saturday morning I went to take a blood test.

David: So you didn’t come in on Monday?

Alex: I didn’t come in on Monday. Suddenly, my family doctor called me. “Hey, I think you should go check with the hospital because I suspect your red blood or white blood cells-

David: White blood cell too much.

Alex: Are too much or whatever. I said, “Cannot! I’ve got a very expensive course that I paid for. I need to attend the course.” He said, “If I were you, I would go immediately.” So I checked in immediately. The hospital confirmed it was dengue so I was on drip for 2 days.

David: Oh my God!

Alex: To be honest, I didn’t know when it was the first day it started. But the first day when

I joined your course, I already had a fever.

David: So, after that on Monday you didn’t come?

Alex: Correct, correct.

David: Yeah, then after that, on Wednesday you came back. At that point in time, we knew that you had dengue?

Alex: Correct.

David: That was the point when we knew that you had dengue but we still let you back in.

Alex: Yes.

David: I remember that when we all went down, you were still inside the room by yourself?

Alex: Correct. Too weak to do anything.

David: Too weak to do anything. I think that you’re a very strong person. I don’t think- First of all, let’s clear the misconception. What is expensive and what is cheap? Expensive is if the thing has no value to you. It can be very expensive but it did change your life. It did help you.

I think at the end of the day, what we want to talk about today is really, how does somebody who is a total newbie, a total green horn in real estate can become number two in his division- it’s not a small division by the way. Your current division- a least a hundred people.

Alex: Yes.

David: Your results are actually measured from September to September, right?

Alex: Correct.

David: Yeah. It’s close to half a million.

Alex: Yeah.

David: Half a million. When I say close to half a million, it’s really very, very close to half a million dollars. For a second year property agent, I think it’s quite amazing. I think it’s very, very

amazing, very good. Right now, are you still using internet marketing?

Alex: Yes. My main course of business is still internet marketing.

David: Still internet marketing. Still based on what I shared?

Alex: Yes, but sad to say, I didn’t follow all the methods. It’s around maybe 50%?

David: Of the mastermap?

Alex: Correct, of the mastermap.

David: We need to talk


David: Dennis is laughing there. We need to talk. We need to talk, we need to have a separate session. You know it. You know you’re going to get it from me.

Okay, so given the fact that you have executed 50% of the mastermap and you have gotten this kind of result, why do you not want to go the full way? Is there a reason or do you think it’s really too difficult?

Alex: This kind of thing, I think a lot of people have the same thinking as me. Even with 50% or even 20%, you are getting a lot of results already. To go 100% all out, I think it’s really- it can be done, but sometimes you just reciprocate and you just think here and there.

David: Oh, you mean procrastinate?

Alex: Procrastinate


David: So you procrastinate and you go ding ding ding and end up never doing it.

Alex: Correct.

David: Okay, but whatever works for you at the end of day. Before you became a property

agent what were you doing?

Alex: I was a Sales Engineer for 7 years in the oil and gas industry.

David: Okay. Salary, good?

Alex: Good days are $5K a month.

David: 5?

Alex: $5K because mine was commission-based with basic pay.

David: Okay, so your net was $5K a month?

Alex: Yes.

David: That was when- how old were you? 29?

Alex: Yes, 29.

David: 29 years old.

Alex: That was already the peak of my career.

David: Yeah. Okay. Clearly, your boss is not that good. My staff, they have a better opportunity here. Right, Frae?

Alex: Higher pay than me.

David: You will get higher pay than him actually.

Alex: What?

David: Of course, man,

Alex: Do you need more people?


David: When you decided to come into real estate- the transition from being a salaried person to becoming a top producer in real estate, how was it like? You have to take care of yourself, there’s no more company benefits. If you fall ill, you have to pay every single cent.

When it comes to real estate, maybe you can tell viewers how it’s like to be a property agent. Is it a more difficult life than working, or?

Alex: Not really. You see, when I was a Sales Engineer, no matter how hard I worked, I might not get what I put in. Let’s say for one hour, or every shot, it doesn’t mean that every month I’ll get $5K. However, for property, I think if you put in the extra effort you will be rewarded at the end of the day.

David: Yeah.

Alex: So that’s quite different.

David: But do you agree that not everybody is cut out to be a property agent?

Alex: Yes, not a lot of- It’s not really for a lot of people, but it can be done.

David: I think at the end of the day, it’s all about figuring out a process. If they have the process of, for example, they have the knowledge that you have, they know that they can definitely make a decent income doing internet marketing, selling properties,- I think they would definitely do it.

But, most of these people, they are fearful. They’re very fearful. Just like the first time I told you that you will spend money to run advertisements, correct? Of course, fearful. The very first time you spend money on Google or Facebook ads, you could feel, “What? I need to spend money?”

You know, just like any business, I think at the end of the day if you’re running a business, there are always going to be costs. I see all those as business costs- it could be renovation or hiring people. So, real estate to me is really the simplest format of business. Where the product is created by somebody else, and what you are really doing is kind of, in the internet marketing world, we call it affiliate marketing. Somebody has a product, you find somebody to buy this product using your marketing effort.

That’s why your title in real estate is senior marketing director. By the way, for viewers, if you don’t know what a senior marketing director is, you actually have to clock in more than $250,000 in sales before you can become a senior marketing director. I find that it is very amazing that you’re able to achieve it very quickly. Job well done, I’ll be frank.

Alex: I’m just practicing what you taught. I still remember the day after I graduated from the course you said that we will start from 1 project.

David: Yeah.

Alex: I whacked 3 projects and then you scolded me.

David: Oh, yeah. How many projects did you do-

Alex: 3.

David: Oh, yeah, you did 3 projects at one time.

Alex: At one time.

David: I remember I told you cannot. You don’t anyhow whack. Yeah, I did scold you, but you did close them, right?

Alex: Yeah I did close.

David: So that’s still ok. At least you still closed, you know. My deepest fear is students who learn who become scared of doing. That’s why the interview process is very important. You wanna make sure that the right people are the ones that end up coming in.

I already talked a lot about the cost so far and all that. I just want to find out from you, about yourself, what do you see yourself doing in 10 years time? Are you still doing real estate?

Alex: My dream is to retire when I’m 45 years old which is about 10 years down the road.

David: You are 35?

Alex: Yeah 35. Soon, 36.

David: Don’t discount lah. So 36 means, 1984.

Alex: Yes.

David: 1984. Cool. You want to retire by 45?

Alex: I hope so.

David: That is gonna be 2030. You’re how old? 36. 9 more years to 2029. What can make you retire in terms of financial-wise?

Alex: Financial freedom.

David: Like? How?

Alex: Passive income.

David: Passive income?

Alex: Passive income.

David: Do you believe there’s this thing called passive income?

Alex: Yes, from you. I heard from you that you have it. Even if you do nothing everyday,

play games- you still have passive income. I’m trying to work towards that.

David: Frae, it’s actually possible, but you need to have capital. I think what passive income is really about is you need to have a set of processes that you know how to invest your money in. It must be something that is hard to discover. It cannot be easily discovered by anybody. Otherwise everybody would have a passive income already, correct?

For me, mine is very low level. We are not talking about high level passive income, low level. Even so I think- like just now, we went to Takashimaya, by the way- we went to have lunch

together, right?

Alex: Thanks for the lunch.

David: We had sushi together and Dickson was there.

Alex: Yes.

David: That’s why Dennis is here. Maybe we should do one session ourselves. Another time? Okay, cool. So, Dennis was there. We all had lunch together. After that we went to buy this bubble tea, right? It was there that you said something that triggered me.

To be frank, I cannot really remember but I was thinking, “Wow, if you want to retire by 45 years old, there is going to be a definition of what is the requirement for you to really retire.” Whatever that you do at the end of the day, I think you have this skill that you can actually launch any kind of business.

Alex: Correct.

David: Because just now, we were talking about Kenny and Ivan, right? They also have- Kenny doesn’t have, but Ivan has his own car spray paint shop. But he also does online marketing for that, more on Facebook marketing.

And I can tell you, All this in- whatever business that it is, I always tell any one of my students, I’ll say, “if you have a very lousy product and you have very good marketing, it’s called a scam.” Lousy product, good marketing, scam. Good product, no marketing, that is called bankruptcy.

Once you spend a lot of money, build a very good product but at the end of the day there is no marketing, you are just waiting for you to collect dust. However, if you have a good product and you have good marketing, it will allow you to go very far.

I think that most of the products in the real estate market are actually quite good. Otherwise the developers wouldn’t have bought the land, and developed it. So in terms of- in the context of a new launched project, that is what you’re focusing on, right?

Alex: Yes.

David: I think that at the end of the day, you can use all these skills to apply not even just to new launched projects, but you could be doing some business.

Alex: Yes.

David: Okay, I don’t know. And that is when you can achieve your financial freedom, I will say.

Alex: Maybe if I retire from property I’ll go and do some other small business?

David: Yeah, what kind of business would you do at that point in time?

Alex: I’m not sure but I would like to use what you have taught me. Such as internet marketing to do marketing for my company or to sell stuff.

David: Do you have any hobbies?

Alex: Playing soccer.

David: Serious? Soccer. So do you kick soccer or soccer kicks you?

Alex: Let the ball kick me.


David: Yeah, so do you still play soccer so often?

Alex: Now cannot, only five people (can meet at one time).

David: Oh yeah.

Alex: Two versus two and one goalkeeper.


David: That’s what I like about you. You’re very lame.

Alex: Isn’t it right? Five people, yeah.

David: Yeah, two vs two and a one goalkeeper, okay. Okay, so apart from soccer, what other hobbies do you have? When you go and do a business in the future, I don’t think at 45, you’d still want to do real estate, right? it’s a difficult thing to do.

Alex: Not chill.

David: Now not chill?

Alex: Now not chill, quite hard. I need to work hard for the money.

David: And the leads are a lot, right?

Alex: Yes, a lot.

David: Have to manage the leads.

Alex: Have to manage.

David: Yeah. Speaking about a lot of leads, that was my problem in the past where the leads were so much until when the leads came in I didn’t even want to message (them). So I got a partner and my partner would message. That was in the past. I really didn’t like to deal with people. You are facing the same issue anyway.

Anyway, let’s go back to the hobby, what other hobbies do you have?

Alex: That’s all, I’m quite a boring person. If not, I’ll be at home building websites.


Alex: Serious, yeah.

David: Okay. You have no hobby, that means you have to go and figure out what kind of business you’d like to do.

Alex: Yeah.

David: Otherwise you can talk to me privately. I will share with you my financial advice. I wish I can share a bit a of financial advice with you.

Alex: That’s why I wanted to talk to you.

David: Why?

Alex: You give me a lot of inspiration.

David: Inspiration? Perspiration and inspiration. Perspiration I think it’s more of a- 流汗 not- Inspiration is what in Chinese?

Alex: 灵感

David: 启发. Ours is perspiration. 流汗. Just change a bit, you can change it to another word.

Alex: Yes.

David: I think today’s podcast is really about you, basically from somebody who went from zero to where you are right now, number 2, with the whole group, in your group in your division. I think it’s quite amazing. I mean, most of the other people inside the top 10, they’re all experienced agents. I don’t see any new blood there. You are the only real new blood, really the newest blood inside there.

For whoever is watching here right now, I think we are not trying to say that you need to use internet marketing to get there. I think it is about if you have a method that you think can really make money and succeed in real estate that allows you to reach out to the most amount of clients in a shortest amount of time, with the least amount of costs, then I think you should

definitely go steady and embark on that.

What (Alex) did was that he did not lose his focus. I mean, at any one point in time Alex, Dengue, you did not lose focus at all and just kept going on and on and on and on. I think most of the methods out there allow you to actually achieve numbers like that. But it is seldom you find one that can really allow you to scale up to the point that you cannot really handle the leads anymore. In today’s world with the COVID-19 situation, to be frank with me, did it affect you?

Alex: No, not really. The only thing that affects me is that I cannot get appointments for my clients to see the showflat.

David: Oh why?

Alex: Because nowadays, if you want to see showflats you would need to get checked, do LOA (Leave of Absence), book timing slots- For example, the recent launch at Sunday 8:00am, we needed to queue up for your clients-

David: Queue?

Alex: Queue up, book the slot online-

David: Online, so you mean the slot is available on Sunday 8:00am?

Alex: Yes, correct.

David: Then you have to camp?

Alex: Yes, correct. I only got the chance to book for one client and within three minutes, all the slots were taken up.

David: Oh shit!

Alex: All of them. So that might be a problem for people who went for your course because they have a lot of leads who want to see showflats, but because of these changes due to COVID-19, they can’t view the showflats.

David: Swing away, I mean, bring your client go and see something else. I mean, most projects in Singapore, they are about the same quality to be frank, and the price disparity- older projects generally speaking may sometimes be even cheaper.

Under such situations where they have to be inflexible, let’s put it this way. Developers, they have to protect the interests of everybody. They make sure that it doesn’t become a spreading ground. I think they are doing what they have to do but like you said, I think that could be your only challenge because your challenge was never about getting leads.

Setting appointments, however, it’s another issue. In the past, for example, for every hundred leads that I received- okay, so my numbers generally speaking were not that good. It was because I didn’t like to respond in time and if you read my book, you will know that I am somebody who-

Alex: Watch Korean shows.

David: Yeah, I watch Korean shows. I don’t even like to respond in time. To be frank, it is one of the biggest regrets that I have, and even until today, I still sometimes think about that.

“Why is it that you got leads but didn’t want to message?” As a result of that, I always encourage my students to get back to the clients as fast as possible whenever they submit their leads.

The good thing about today is that if you receive leads, more often than not, they want to go to the showflat and view, whereas in the past you have more people who submit but don’t want

to view the property. I also don’t know why. They often ignore your messages after that. But today, I think the show up rate is a lot higher.

Alex: Yes, much higher.

David: Much higher, right? And I think that’s very beneficial actually. I mean, if this new launch project cannot do (well), then you should actually look at other projects as well. That is what some of my students- they are actually very focused on the older projects and some of those are being forgotten totally already.

I told them that, “you know what, if you want you can try to do that. Although everything is gonna be a lot slower, at least you don’t have to worry about appointments.” Appointments is not an issue. Given the situation then, how do you then overcome the situation?

Alex: Initially when I graduated from the course, all I had been focusing on was the pre-launch.

David: Pre-launch, okay.

Alex: Along the way, like you said, getting appointments, et cetera,- as recent months, I started to do new- Post-launch.

David: Post-launch, okay.

Alex: Post-launch, the leads might not be as much as pre-launch but at least you are able to meet them. You can be Tarzan, you can swing here and there, in a way.

David: Okay,, well, I think whatever the case is, good choice, right? Commissions are rewarding now, a lot more rewarding than in the past. It is also partially due to the fact that it is also a lot harder to get clients. So I think the reward in terms of ratio-wise, it’s better now.

Just continue to do what you do and for the things that we do, of course, I’m very confident that if you were to go a bit more, let’s not say 100% but 80%. Show me that you can do 80%.

Alex: Thank you.

David: Yeah, you’d go 80% then I can tell you that you will start to see some changes in the results. Especially the map on the left side, that one, you really must do. If you don’t do that one, then you’re just leaving money on the table. I actually highly encourage you to do that.

I think there should be viewers right now who are property hunters. Is there any advice such as what are the best developments for them to buy? Let’s say people will normally ask you, “Alex, I’m looking to buy a new launch project,” what would you recommend to them?

Alex: You’ll have to sit down with them to understand more of their needs and wants before you can recommend any projects to them. Some people firstly cannot stay outside or rent a house for too long, and some of them want to buy a house that’s near to their kid’s school in the future, et cetera.

Everybody’s different now, so there’s no one case that’s similar to another case. But, the more people you meet, your salesmanship will always change.

David: Yeah..

Alex: Last time, I think I could’ve closed more (if not) because of my follow up skills and how I ran my business.

David: I remember.

Alex: I think there’s some things that need to be improved. So along the years, I started to change bit by bit.

David: Then you realised at the end of the day, the problem is once you change this side, multiplied with your leads generation, you are able to achieve this number. It’s a bit true. I think next year, you would do even better.

Alex: I hope so. Because from the first year to the second year, it’s actually a big jump. It is due to how I changed my business models.

David: Yeah, man. Buy a house, buy a car. Everything buy already. So good, man. I’m so jealous.

(sighs deeply)

David: Dengue! Well, thanks for your time, man. I just wanted to let listeners- viewers who are watching this right now to show a real life example of somebody who is totally brand new and who came from a different industry. I was thinking of who can I show?

You came back to help out in the recent batch, which is Batch 5. Apparently next Monday, our batch 6 is gonna to happen and you’re gonna come back to help out again. I really cannot thank you enough for all these things. That’s why I buy food for you, I treat you to meals

Alex: I should buy you food, not you buy me food.

David: I don’t know what to say thanks- how to say thanks, but at the same time every time you go back, you never know. All these people who are there, they listened to your story, they’re actually very motivated.

So actually it’s a very- You’re also the only person, to be frank, apart from Dennis, who just gave me mooncake. You’re the only person that will bring the bakkwa (chinese jerky) by hand to my house every single year without fail. First year, second, three times already actually. No, second time already.

Alex: So next year, I can because of the-

David: COVID-19?

Alex: Yeah, COVID-19.

David: You still can bring the bakkwa to me but this time round it cannot be from (beep). Yeah, because…

(both laughing)

Alex: Must censor away!

David: Yeah, that one has to be censored away. It cannot be from there. Why?

(both laughing)

David: Yeah, but I really enjoy the bakkwa and you are somebody who I like a lot, to be frank. Well, it’s my pleasure to have you here. Hopefully, viewers, if you are somebody who is watching this right now and you’re considering real estate as a career, talk to somebody who has been one from 0 to 2 years, he’ll be able to guide you.

Somebody who- As in to be successful in two years, he’ll be able to guide you.

Alex: Sharing.

David: Sharing. He can help you, he can guide you. If you’re somebody who is not an agent and you’re looking to buy or sell houses, Alex is-

Alex: Look for me.

David: Yeah, look for him. Because Alex, I think, is somebody who gives really genuine advice. If he knows that you cannot buy, he won’t ask you to buy.

And if you are somebody who is a very experienced agent and want to find out how did he from 0 to 2 years achieve all these things, you can talk to him. He’ll probably just ask you to come to my course.

(both laughing)

David: Whatever the case is, Alex, it’s been such a pleasure to have you here. We will have lunch again soon?

Alex: Yes.

David: Yeah, the previous time we went was- so today we had lunch. We had lunch two days

back, was it? Monday.

Alex: Monday, Monday.

David: Wow, we are having lunch almost everyday?

Alex: All of them were your treats.

(both laughing)

David: Well, that’s the benefit of being my student.

Alex: Yes

David: Well, continue to earn your high income. I think 2020 is a year that many people will remember for many different reasons. There are a lot of weird things that happened in 2020. Everybody’s like, “can 2020 go past soon?”

And there you are breaking result after the result, which to me is a strange thing, by the way. Most people are not doing very well and you are there breaking your own record over and over again. I can feel that you will do a lot better in 2021.

So, just don’t let up, continue to aim for the sky and hopefully the sky is yours one day. All right?

Alex: Yes.

David: Thanks a lot for everybody who is watching this and for you who are watching this right now, remember to contact him for anything if you are interested to find out more about what he has learned. Talk to me directly, I’ll be happy to mentor you, to guide you to become the next Alex Toh. See you. Take care.

Alex: See you.

(upbeat music)

David: Hey, it’s David, here. If you like my video, you can click here to subscribe to my channel, or you can click here to view more of my videos. Take care.

(upbeat music)