An introvert by nature, David faced countless obstacles when he first started his Real Estate career. After many failed attempts with traditional prospecting and networking, David decided that there had to be another way, which eventually gave rise to RIMM. RIMM is the very essence of what has allowed David and his students to turn on their lead prospecting tap anytime, anywhere.​

In RIMM, you get to learn

Tested-and-proven, RIMM is the answer to Real Estate prospecting.

"I believe that Real Estate Agents should not do hard work for prospecting"​

David Chong

Now accepting 2020 intake

RIMM Masterclass

A 7-day intensive program that takes participants behind the inner works of RIMM, where like-minded participants forge lasting bonds.

To conclude the program, a round-table overseas mastermind session follows where students gather to evaluate and strategise their

* 2-night overseas accommodation in 5-star hotel or private villa included.

Due to Covid-19, the overseas mastermind session will be held locally.

RIMM Online

The successor to RIMM Masterclass, everything's online! Learn at your own pace, replay anytime when you need to.

Over 80 comprehensive videos to bring you from basics to advanced, all conceptualised for Real Estate.