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A Tried and Tested formula is all you need to be a successful Real Estate marketer | DICKSON LEE

While the rest of the world is on a standstill with Covid-19, the real estate market in Singapore is still up and coming. Dickson Lee, my student and now senior marketing manager at ERA and I discuss the recent commencement of our fifth batch for the Real Estate Internet Marketing Mastery (RIMM) course, and where we see our students’ progress in their future careers.

The RIMM course’s 6th batch is starting in a few weeks time, so we are really excited to continue helping prospective real estate agents in their careers in property with digital marketing.

In this podcast, Dickson and I touched on the motivations behind a person’s success in real estate, the challenges faced by real estate agents in this period of time and the importance of digital marketing for the future of the real estate industry.


David: All right.

Dickson: It sounds like a mosquito- so clap and clap.

David: Mosquito died.


David: Welcome back, Dickson.

Dickson: Yes.

David: Well, this is a-

Dickson: I’m back.

David: You’re back. I’m also here with you to discuss something that some viewers might find interesting, which is we have just ended our first batch. It’s considered the first batch we made, fifth batch actually.

Dickson: Yes.

David: The fifth batch and-

Dickson: My first batch.

David: Your first batch. It was tiring?

Dickson: Well, I will say it’s fulfilling.

David: Fulfilling?

Dickson: Yes.

David: Okay. And the place was flooded with a lot of water?

Dickson: Yes.

David: What-

Dickson: Heavy rain and so on.

David: Heavy rain. Old buildings tentatively have this kind of leakage issue. I remember when I went there, there was one whole pool of water at the back soaking the carpet super wet.

Dickson: Yes.

David: That was where Julian was sitting at the-

Dickson: At the corner over there, yes, at the back.

David: Wow, really very bad. Well, maybe we’ll spend a bit of time to discuss what went through for this latest batch we conducted together, and maybe you can speak a bit about what some of the students are doing right now and the things we are doing after they have graduated, which was last Monday, right?

Dickson: It was just last Monday.

David: Just last Monday, right? Then maybe later on, we can talk about- Maybe share a bit about the next batch maybe? If people are interested in it, how they can get in as well, right?

Dickson: Yeah.

David: But before we go to that, I just want to speak about this watch that I’ve gotten.

(Dickson laughing)

David: Right. I’m actually looking for- you know, all the very expensive watches out there? They’re always boasting about their power reserves and all that. I’m a watch lover. I like horology, basically. I was looking for a watch that- After collecting a few of the watches, at the end of the day, I just want something that I can pick up and go. So, I decided to buy something that has a tremendous amount of power reserve, and that was this Casio.

Dickson: Right.

David: Of course, given the usual- I will say, a financially prudent person like me, I would buy online. Basically, everything is cheaper online now. I went to this- let’s not name the platform, it’s a very prominent platform and the title said 100% authentic. I bought this for $12 and 80 cents or something. You can go and search Casio F91. I went there and bought one of these. It turned out to be fake. It’s $12 and 80 cents and it’s still fake.

Dickson: How do you know it’s fake?

David: I don’t know, I opened up the whole thing. Given my usual self, I opened up the whole thing. I looked at the casing and searched if it is fake or not? It’s a bit off, like the casing- I mean, it doesn’t have the normal angles and all that. I mean, based on what I feel, it could be a fake, I’m still very- The original version, the real thing is $16 retail, and this is $12 and 80 cents. Somebody actually spent the effort to make-

Dickson: You got it at 25% off.

David: Yeah. A fake one basically, and I don’t get it. The original one would have seven years

of power reserve. That’s a lot more than our normal mechanical watches and it’s just very interesting. You see, very funny.

Dickson: Yeah. Very classic model, I think this is a grade A counterfeit. I mean, I can’t really tell the difference. But like you said, you can see some of the printing’s a bit off.

David: Very weird, right?

Dickson: Yeah, the printing’s a bit off.

David: Why would they want to make a fake? I don’t know. Anyway, let’s put it aside. It’s not important. So about our latest batch- not tiring, fulfilling.

Dickson: Yes. I’m really excited for them to embark on this journey.

David: I’m also very excited about that. You know, when I first stepped into the

class, there was- for that particular batch it’s a bit special. It had 17 people. In the middle is Steve. So he will sit at his- we call it the long way.

Dickson: Long way, long way.

David: Long way. And was it two days ago? Yeah, I think two weeks ago when I went back to

meet everybody, right? I sat at his table, and I realized that his table is very- How do I put it? Very optimized. Full 180-degree view of the front, the screen, you, and the rest of the other people which you can speak to in the front. Steve, if you’re watching this right now, just know that you had the best table. So, some of these people, they have begun their


Dickson: Yes. I mean, they are working really hard. I think day in, day out, after the course, I think they have been engaging me to assist them and answer their questions.

David: Yeah. We will tell them to ask in the main chat group, right?

Dickson: Yes.

David: To benefit everyone.

Dickson: Yeah. Some even made an effort to really take a trip down to the office to meet me personally.

David: Yeah. Is Andy coming?

Dickson: Yes, Andy is coming later as well. I mean, he’s ready to embark on this journey. He’s ready to run his marketing.

David: Yeah. Did he tell you about the things that he’s going to do?

Dickson: Yes. Later, in fact, I’m doing a final run through and checks with him before he embarks on this campaign.

David: Yeah. So we should see some money coming in very soon for him?

Dickson: Yes, definitely.

David: This thing about digital marketing is that most people, they still do not understand that especially with the COVID-19 situation. What we are teaching our students effectively is something that’s like a formula that we have used ourselves, right?

To achieve the humble success that we have. By the way, speaking of which, as we

are conducting the lessons, some of my students in the past, they’re actually closing

deals on weekends. Then they’ll come next Monday and be like, “Whoa, just closed a deal again.” Actually, that motivates a lot of our current students, right?

Dickson: Yes, of course. I mean, they’re like the role models they strive to achieve.

David: They still come back and-

Dickson: Yes, to help out, do some sharing, share their experience.

David: Let’s just talk a bit about our new students then. What do you think about this? Being in batch one, you have seen the ones who actually ended up doing and then the ones who ended up not doing. How about this particular batch? How many of them do you think are actually going to execute the things that we teach?

Dickson: In fact, I think all of them are really, really excited to really embark on this journey. I think they have a lot of- back in their mind, they are already thinking how to implement all these skills they have learnt. I think over the past one week, ever since graduating, I’ve been engaging with a lot of them. I particularly lost count on who I am really speaking to. So there’s a lot of questions. I think they have a group chat and it’s really engaging.

David: Yeah. I felt that this is very different from how I used to conduct- In the sense that we don’t have as many people who are so engaged in the past as compared to now. Speaking of which, maybe some of the people who we invite into our class do help to motivate a bit.

Dickson: Yes. Of course. And definitely the ex-students who are currently practicing. I think they set a really good example.

David: Yeah. We had some of these ex-students who came back, some were for resits but some of them are really good enough to start sharing. I know Alex was there.

Dickson: Yes, Alex. Ivan came back-

David: Alex just arrived yesterday night, right?

Dickson: Yes. Correct. Low profile, but I caught him.

David: Low profile, yeah. And Ivan was back. During that period, Ivan also closed- We can also blip this-

Dickson: Yes, yes.

David: It’s fantastic. Some of these students who are active in doing what they’re doing, they are closing-

Dickson: Yes it’s amazing. I think even during this period, they’re still getting a lot of consistent results.

David: Yeah. And yourself, you are doing some closings later.

Dickson: Yeah.

David: Let’s not name the project.


David: Yes. We also had some visitors who came back- Not came back, but joined us. The first guest I believe was Mark Kong.

Dickson: Yes.

David: Right. Mark came over as an advisory group division director. It is so hard to pronounce that. Advisory group division director of ERA. Mark, thanks for coming. Then we had who? Melvin Lim from PropertyLimBrothers, CEO of PropertyLimBrothers. He was here as well to share. Thanks, Melvin, for joining us as well. You are super awesome. I can never speak like you, you are so-

Dickson: Charismatic.

David: -charismatic in front of the camera. I hope that one day I can be you, hopefully. Then we had-

Dickson: Roy.

David: Roy Chong is also an advisory group division director. All the heavyweight champions.

Dickson: Yes.

David: Lastly, we have my good friend Kavin Kuah. Thanks for coming, Kavin.

Dickson: The legend himself.

David: The legend itself. He came and then-

Dickson: Yeah, I think he did a very powerful sharing. Very, very-

David: Yeah. I think his sharing was one of the longest, I would say, but-

Dickson: Yes.

David: It was almost 30, 40 minutes.

Dickson: Yes.

David: He talked about- What did he talk about?

Dickson: He talked about mindset.

David: Mindset.

Dickson: I think little sacrifices. I think it really motivates the students.

David: Yeah. After that, he told everybody to go watch Itaewon Class, right? And I realized that he is exactly the main protagonist of the show. The guy’s name is Sae Ro Yi or something. Park Sae Ro Yi or something like that.

The guy actually ended up being a multinational big boss of a food and beverage company because his father- some situation happened and he was being put down. So he told himself that he shouldn’t be put down, that he follows a set of principles.

I felt that it is very similar to Kuah because we go and eat- When he likes to eat something, he will order that over and over again. That’s his kind of a set of principles that he- and he doesn’t want to try other things. His set of principles is, if it is good, don’t change.

That’s what I want to talk about right now. Moving forward in this economy in today’s world, I will say that prospecting for real estate is going to be different. It has been working very well for me. There is some kind of a formula base thing behind these things, but people don’t understand that there is a formula base behind this thing.

For me, for the past seven, eight years, I see that that thing has tweaked a little bit, but not changed by a lot. So, if it works, don’t change it, right? It works very well, even until now. It is all the little things that we get to learn later on about things that came up along the way such as your advanced funnel marketing and middle funnel marketing, right?

All this came into to tag along with my original marketing plan. It now makes a very powerful system of doing things. I think you know what I’m talking about, right?

Dickson: Yeah, I definitely agree. I think the fundamentals are still there.

David: The fundamentals are still there. Then we call this thing- We call it a master map. Every time we want to get our students to share about the master map, they are very afraid because it’s very complicated at first glance. But as you start to- students who are watching this right now- because as you start to implement things, you start to realize that actually, all those things are just by nature- It will come naturally to you.

I always have this saying, which I learned from a teacher. He said that what is habitually done becomes natural eventually. In Chinese, he called it xí guàn chéng zì rán (习惯成自然). Now my students are making fun of me. xí guàn chéng zì rán.

Yeah. Regarding that thing, do you find it hard to impart all these things to our students along the way, the seven days?

Dickson: Well, I don’t find it really hard. I think over the past seven days, they really have a very good, big picture of the entire plan. Of course, for them to really execute it, I think they need to put in a lot of hard work, which is what they are doing right now.

So on and on, every day, we meet up with some of the students to really run through what they are unclear of. I think in times to come-

David: Speaking of hard work.

Dickson: Yep.

David: Is it really so much hard work? Because viewers,- possibly there could be property agents and they have a different concept of what digital marketing is. Let’s clarify it, what is hard work? What is easy work?

Dickson: I’ll say there’s a learning curve. I think it’s during this period of time, they really have to put in a lot of hard work to learn the fundamentals. To practice and put it into action. But once they got all this done, actually, digital marketing is just a breeze.

David: Yeah. I think it’s more of “do you want to do things correctly, or do you want to do things in the wrong manner?” kind of situation. I also want to discourage anybody who’s watching this right now, to think that digital marketing for real estate is an easy thing. Because it is not.

Dickson: Yes, it’s not easy. There’s a lot of planning behind it which a lot of people don’t see.

David: Of course, because it is not a get rich quick scheme, we also discouraged people who

are looking to get rich quick to come join our course. At the end of the day, it is also not just a course.

A lot of people who end up becoming our students would then know that it is not just a cost.  It is something that is bigger than just a course. It is a lifetime of commitment. As long as there are still improvements, there’s still things that’s moving on in terms of internet marketing or digital marketing and we are still alive, we are always going to be there for our students.

Dickson: Yes, correct.

David: People, they don’t understand that.

Dickson: Yeah. It’s a community and we are always growing together.

David: Do you remember on the fourth day- I mean, I’m sharing about this thing called

limited removal and we were doing a bit of goal setting.

Dickson: Yeah.

David: Some of them, they actually shared about their vision of life. I was very touched by some of their so-called vision of life. They shared with everybody what they wanted to do when they achieved their success.

A lot of the time that we spend in life, every time I’m driving towards the office, I always thought,  “so what is money for?” What are we making all the money for? To me, at the end of the day, it all boils down to happiness. Yesterday night, we are texting-

Dickson: Yeah, we were busy talking about this.

David: Yeah. It’s all about happiness. No matter how much money you make, sometimes I find it silly to compare about little things that we own. For example, your car, my car, his car, and all that kind of things only to realize that it’s actually a little boy’s topic.

I mean, this is my humble opinion. It’s a little boy’s topic because perhaps the biggest people- the richest people, they don’t even compare about that anymore. They’ll just say, “Oh, yesterday I just sold my yacht for $200 million and bought another one for $400 million.”

Maybe that’s their kind of topic. We realized that different stages (of life) have different reasons for making money. For me, I’m very afraid of dying, to be frank. I actually want to make money so I wouldn’t die. But what about you?

Dickson: Well, it’s just to create more happiness around people, around me. Sometimes it’s just without that worry of financials, etc.

David: Yes. But the one that I see in most of our students is more towards your kind of pleasure towards making money and success. Every time I interview students, I will make sure that they have a very strong enough reason for them to make their money because otherwise, they wouldn’t want to really achieve it.

Dickson: Yes. I would say it’s the purpose-

David: Yeah, the purpose-

Dickson: -the purpose of making that kind of money.

David: Yeah. So in Itaewon Class, the guy, the main protagonist, he wanted to become very successful because very simply put, he wants revenge. To be frank, I find that Itaewon

Class and Kuah are very similar. I don’t know if Kuah is looking to- I mean, I should ask him what revenge he is looking for, because nothing is- it’s like breaking records and records and

records and records and records and records. Today is Monday? What day is today?

Dickson: Thursday.

David: I think he did share about his July results or something like that, broke his own record. That’s amazing. You’re already at a record, and you still can break a record. It’s kind of like using boat riding: 958, then wanting to run 930. Super crazy. But if it can be done, it means

that it can be replicated.

I believe that property agents, right now in today’s world, you are in a very much favorable situation to make a better result, have better income. It’s all due to the fact that, of course, marketing a new launch project becomes a bit more rewarding today. Also, the cost of marketing, although it has increased a little bit more because of competition and high commissions, everybody wants to get in.

But at the end of the day, I think that the percentage increase is not as much as the percentage in income. As well as the money that I spent in the past- I mean, look at it right now, your spending and my spending is more or less right around the same, but then of course the rewards are a lot different.

That’s something I think viewers who are property agents should understand, that this particular process of marketing through digital marketing has vastly improved throughout the years. Now, we have a very systematic way of doing things that allows it to snowball year after a year. That is something that we impart to our students and they believe that their income can also snowball year after year.

Which primarily for some of them, they are just looking to make better income for their family, but I always encourage them- and I think you also encourage them, that they should actually put in more effort into helping people achieve their dream property. I think that’s very important as well.

Dickson: Yes.

David: So being an agent that’s really active right now, what are the criteria when it comes to clients? Do you just bring them to places that you think is more rewarding or-

Dickson: At the end of the day, it’s really depending on the client’s needs and wants.

David: Okay.

Dickson: And of course, helping them to find their dream home. It is also another fulfilling part of doing the business.

David: Yeah. It brings to the point of- There’s this guy, his name is Jay Abraham who I follow. He mentioned this thing called the strategy of preeminence. It means if you know your client really needs to be buying a certain new launch project as opposed to other new launch projects but he is not making the right decision, it is up to you to make the recommendation so that he buys the right thing.

I don’t know if you practice that a lot or not, but I did in the past. That’s the reason why I have clients even until today, although I’m not a property agent anymore, we’re still in touch. I should actually pass the contact to you because he is looking to sell his- It just reminded me of that. Because I sold around 11 units for that particular project. Quite a lot of units.

Anyway, let’s go back to our course, the Real Estate Internet Marketing Mastery. When is the next batch going to happen?

Dickson: We are targeting 14 September. We’ll get started in the middle of September,

David: It is quite tiring for the attendees, to be frank. Even more so tiring for the trainer because you’re one verses 16 and 15. I don’t know whether in this batch we will be doing around 16 people. I feel that smaller batches could be better. Maybe 12 people. I’m still thinking about that. But if 12 people, then we are more or less almost filled for this batch. We do want to have a 16-person batch, but we have to think about how we can create more space between all of our students.

We did our very best, but the tolerance is around 5 cm- If they move their tables, then they will be within the one-meter range already. That is something we will put into consideration during the COVID situation. We’ll try to do that, but right now the guidelines are very simple. The guidelines say that as long as it’s in a cluster of five, and between these clusters of five there is a one-meter distance in between, then that would be okay.

But it all depends on us, right? At the end of the day, again, we want to give them the best environment and also make sure that we comply 100%. Because sometimes the tables do move a bit. If somebody were to come and check- 5 cm, we don’t have the one-meter thing, then we’d be in trouble. But I don’t think that’s going to be the case. We do measure the tables every morning.

Dickson: Yep.

David: -Just to make sure that we are compliant in all areas. Viewers right now who could be property agents looking to become one of us, don’t worry, your safety is being considered all the time. You’re going to make a lot of progress in terms of what you do.

Maybe (you can) share a bit about the things you expect your students to be achieving in the next six months or something? Let’s talk about it in terms of prospecting wise, then later we can talk about money-wise.

Dickson: Okay. I’m sure over the next couple of months, they are going to meet a lot of clients. They are going to create a lot of opportunities to meet with their clients and etc. I’m really, really excited to see their results in the next couple of months.

David: Okay. Why would they have a lot of clients then? You say you are so sure that they’re going to meet a-

Dickson: Yeah. I mean, it is a proven process. They’re working really hard. I don’t see a reason why they are not able to up-spec.

David: Okay.

Dickson: To even meet more clients than they usually meet in the past. So I’m really excited to hear from them.

David: Yeah. Okay. So about that, it would be mostly new launch projects, right?

Dickson: I guess so, but there’s a couple of them who are actually looking to build their presence of GTA (Geographic Target Area) in the southern segments or areas of Singapore.

David: Okay. In the past, doing new launch projects were all about queuing up at a showflat, some of them at the roadsides flagging down cars and all that.

Dickson: Yes, correct.

David: And some of them, they actually ended up as preview agents, one of the core team agents that- We do have some of this in the past who were actually preview call team agents who are now in our class to learn how to get their own sites, kind of like their own queue.

Dickson: Yes. Correct.

David: Let’s not name her.

Dickson: Yeah.

David: Super experienced agent. We felt that they would do particularly well because nowadays is all about invitations, right? As long as you intercept buyers at the right time at a right place, you’ll be able to bring these clients in as invitations. A lot of these clients are more genuine

and interested, isn’t it? What are your clients now, most of them?

Dickson: Okay, they are people who are actively looking around, in fact they are people who are researching. Of course, when I meet them, probably I’ll understand a little bit more about their needs and probably recommend the right developments for them to choose from. So I think it’s-

David: More serious or?

Dickson: Definitely, they have a higher intention.

David: To leasehold, right? To lease.

Dickson: Yes. Correct. They have good intentions. They actually have that intention to buy a property.

David: Yep. Do you expect that your students would be able to achieve the same, to meet the same kind of clients more or less?

Dickson: Yes, of course. It’s that particular same process that I have been doing.

David: Yeah. You know this is a podcast, and that’s the reason why I’m asking things that I already know. But as a podcast, right? I just want to make sure that we are in the right conversation. I think that at the end of the day, your students, or my students, or our students, we are all looking to build a very powerful prospecting methodology for them so that they can apply it into their business.

It is so they can stop worrying about the inflow of leads and inflow of income, the inflow of commission. Most of us property agents- I mean, me in the past, I was a property agent. Most of us, as a property agent, our main worry is “When will I meet my next client?”, “When is my next closing?” But by having a very stable way of getting clients in, you no longer have to worry about when your next client is coming in, because it is a process.

For example, I shared this inside my book as well. McDonald’s, if you eat it at North-side, will you have North-side tastes? No. If you eat it at East-side, would you have East-side tastes? No. It all came from probably a very powerful process at the back, maybe from a central kitchen- I’m assuming things here, that provide all this chicken- All the way until the chicken- How is it being harvested from the farm and how is it being slaughtered from a farmer- getting a bit graphic here, all the way to the burger, the McSpicy.

That’s why North, South, East, West in Singapore, it all tastes the same because there’s a process behind it. Same goes for- the chief executive of McDonald’s, for example, is worried about, “Wait, is the taste going to be different from the East and West? How do I make sure that it tastes the same?” So you don’t have to worry if sometimes it’s more spicy, sometimes it’s less spicy,  because there’s a process behind the creation of the patty.

The same goes for our students now. They may already know that this particular process we imparted to them is not going to be just a prospect, waiting for things to happen. It is more that you know that as long as you do it, you will have leads coming in throughout the month.

Dickson: Yes.

David: Even now throughout 12 months, you know that you will have a set amount of income, a set amount of closings, a set amount of meetups. The one thing that we didn’t really teach them was how to talk to your clients. Maybe we should implement that into our last day the next time? Strategy day?

Dickson: Yes.

David: Then we can have it, share with them on how we handle our clients.

Dickson: Yeah. Probably we can do some cross-sharing, especially by those who are currently in the market, our ex-students. We can invite them back.

David: Yeah. I suspect that the very next batch we’ll be able to invite some of our fifth batch back already because some of them will already have had some kind of experience closing some deals and all that kind of things.

I think that is the kind of thing that the agents face, which is the consistent inflow of leads. Consistent amount of closing. Now, of course, we want to ensure that the inflow of leads is very stable. We have a systematic way of doing things, and that is how we impart to our students in the class. They have seen it. It can snowball, year after year after year. That is exactly what happened to you.

Actually, what I wrote inside my book was mostly about your results. It’s not really that much of my results. It’s mostly your results. And I realized that because it’s a nonfiction book, I just want to make sure that whoever reads it, it’s really something that is nonfiction.

Most of the things that are numbers and all that, it’s mostly yours. I realized that it is actually very achievable, and it can be duplicated and replicable to anybody who comes to this- I got people who emailed me and said, “Am I too old for this thing?”, “I’m already 60 years old. Can I still learn?”

I always have this analogy and that is my father telling me, do you know about this founder of Genting, Lim Goh Tong?  He only started to- I think he was 56 years old or 58 years old. He started to go up the mountain at 56 or 58 years old.” By the time he’s completed Genting, he’s already one leg in the coffin. Seriously, nothing is too late to be started. It’s whether you want to adopt, or you don’t want to adopt.

If you remain doing the same thing and expect a different result, the only different result- Yes, there’ll be a different result, the result will be worse. Because the thing is that if society is progressing this direction, but your things are remaining in this direction, your results are going to be worse.

They say that doing the same thing, expecting different results- No, no, no. You will definitely get a different result, but it’s the worst result. You need to go in tandem with society. You’ll be able to go in tandem, to grow together with all of your peers who are using different methods. For now, the best way is digital marketing. I mean, there’s a way to put it, it’s definitely the best way during climates like these.

So, Dickson, what are the expectations you have, for example, for this upcoming batch? What expectations do you have for the students?

Dickson: I think it’s really their eagerness to learn.

David: Eagerness to learn, okay.

Dickson: Of course, they have to be a firm believer that digital marketing can help them achieve success.

David: Okay.

Dickson: I think that is really the key criteria that I’m looking at. What about you, David?

David: I think that as per usual if you want to achieve success, you need to believe in the method. If you don’t believe in the method, you wouldn’t be able to execute it to the fullest possible level of power. It’s like you are doing something and you’re doubting it.

So we don’t want to be doing something, and at the same time doubting whether it works or not. Like what you said, you have to believe in it. We have to also understand that sometimes it takes time. These people, they have to be patient,

Dickson: Yes, of course. Definitely.

David: Be patient, and most importantly, like you said also, the willingness to learn. Because, you can have the best method and- I’m not saying our methods are the best method, I’m just saying that it works for us, so it should work for them.

But if you have a halfhearted mentality, then most of the things that you do will eventually fail. This person who joins us in our cause, he has to have the fortitude, the mentality- strong mentality. That is something that I’m looking for. And most importantly, it’s to have a reason

to be successful.

Dickson: Yes. The right attitude, a purpose.

David: Yeah. The purpose, the reason to make their success. We literally make our students promise their family that they will-

Dickson: Yes. What they want to achieve.

David: Correct. It is very important that it is being followed through. If you don’t follow through, then there is no point in achieving all of these. You’ll have a very empty situation at the end of the day. We should come back to this next- is it next, next, week from now?

Dickson: Another two to three weeks, I think.

David: Yep. Okay.

Dickson: Really excited.

David: Yeah. So in the next, next, next, week, we would have our sixth batch.

Dickson: Yes.

David: Your second batch. So I just want to shout out to whoever is watching this right now, if you’re interested in becoming one of our family, you should definitely want to get in touch with us. And how they can get in touch with us is through-

Dickson: Direct message.

David: Direct message. Yeah.

Dickson: Direct message us, or you can actually purchase a book from David.

David: Yeah, a book. Message me too. I’ll be more than welcome to have a discussion to find out whether you and us, if we are a good fit. If everybody is good, then you should be together with us in the next batch.

Dickson: Yes. I’ll welcome you to the community.

David: Yeah. We will welcome you to the community and we’ll invite our students back as well. The previous alumni from batch one all the way to batch five, any one of them who wants to join us, they can just come. Any last things that you want to say to our viewers right now who have been with us for the past 30, 40 minutes?

Dickson: Nothing much, but yeah. Looking forward to you joining our big family.

David: Yeah. If you go through the process and everything goes well.

Dickson: Right. This exciting journey with us.

David: Yep. Okay, sure. Thanks, Dickson, for your time, and thanks myself for the time, and don’t buy a Casio on this. Take care, guys. See you.

Dickson: All right. See you all, bye.